I entered my son Travis into Project Mobility's 'Everybody Rides' contest on Facebook to try to win an adaptive bicycle. We didn't tell him about it initially because we didn't want him to get excited about it and then be sad if he lost. A few days and over 2k likes later, he won!

When he found out he won he was elated. Not only that he won his own bike, but that he would have the ability to ride a bike at all. I think he kind of assumed it was just one of those things he couldn't really do because he is in a wheelchair. To be honest, we didn't know about adaptive bikes either. It was nearly perfect for him right off the bat. It was meant for him.

He rides his bike like a champ! Even when it gets hard, he puts everything he has into it. The look of pure joy on his face is one of the best things I've ever seen. The sense of freedom he gets is so powerful; you can feel it just by being there.

It has also been extremely beneficial to Travis’ physical therapy. It can be challenging to keep his legs from tightening up and to build strength in them. Travis' physical therapist noticed a large improvement in flexibility as well as strength after only riding the bike twice. It has been a total game changer.

We were of course thrilled that Travis won the contest, but what about the other kids? They were just as deserving of getting an adaptive bike. There were so many people that participated in the contest that felt the same. After seeing such an interest in helping the other kids receive their own bikes, Project Mobility started the 'Give Five' campaign. If everyone that had participated would donate just $5, they could all receive a bike!

I am so happy to say that now all of them have their very own adaptive bikes! Project Mobility has helped our son in so many ways. Getting that bike has given Travis confidence, strength, freedom and so much more.

Everyday there are a lot of things you get excluded from or are simply unable to do when you have special needs. This experience was a wonderful reminder of how much support, acceptance and love our son has from our friends, family and community. We will be forever grateful. ~ Travis's Mom