GIVE FIVE-Everybody Wins is an effective fundraising platform designed to provide the most adaptive bikes possible to those who need them. It is a unique combination of crowdfunding and donor matching which allows for maximum success while taking much of the burden off those seeing the help. Project Mobility works tirelessly to find corporate donors to match the funds raised by the recipients, so that the total amount needing to be raised by them is cut in half, and the friends and family who will give through the fundraising platform will be motivated, knowing their gift will be multiplied.

This structure increases success, and provides tremendous assistance to the recipients, but comes with just one expectation: the funds must be raised through the crowdfunding page within six weeks. If you are interested in starting a fundraising campaign for yourself or your loved one through GIVE FIVE, please be sure you can set aside the time needed to raise your half of the cost before you apply.

Through the partnership with Your Disability Funding Specialist, Tamara Simmons, you will receive the Funding Newsletter with specific information and instruction on how to maximize a crowdfunding campaign. So while there is a time limit for fundraising, Project Mobility does everything possible to assist you to reach that goal. If you are unable to raise all of the funds in the six weeks, whatever funds are raised will go towards funding other GIVE FIVE campaigns, NO EXCEPTIONS. With all Project Mobility is doing to help you receive bikes, this is one logistical requirement that must be met and will be part of the terms and conditions you will accept when submitting your intake application.


Applying to begin a GIVE FIVE campaign requires two simple steps:

  • STEP ONE: Download and have a therapist or Physician fill out this Medical Necessity/Evaluation form.

  • STEP TWO: Upload this Medical Necessity/Evaluation Form along with up to five pictures and fill in the application form.

  • With these forms, the experts at Project Mobility will be able to determine what adaptive bike is needed, based on the recipient’s abilities, and the cost of the bike can be determined for the fundraising goal.


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