“Our experience with Project Mobility has been nothing but love support and community togetherness...we feel like ambassadors to a successful program that will bring smiles hope and community and desperately needed wishes so many special needs families crave...and feel humbled by.

Receiving this equipment has changed our life for the better. Not only can Saida now bike with the family but we also have access to a wonderful therapy tool.... We can do at home therapy now without worrying if insurance will cover it...It’s going to give my daughter a better chance at walking and boost those muscles.

I've already recommended project mobility to three people...who are looking for help for their special kiddos to get stronger muscles and be a part of the family work out and t have access to a therapy tool known to many as a bike ...but to all of us it’s worth so much more...its freedom equality and joy and strength.

Saida hasn't been able to take her new wheels out for a spin yet but in 15 minutes after receiving the bike and practicing she gained strength control and confidence super fast...I can’t wait to see what strength and confidence the summer exercise brings.

We love y'all and everything you stand for” ~ Sara – Saida’s Mom