Project Mobility has been great. The family has a true desire to help people with disabilities become mobile and it shows in everything they do.

This bike has brought our daughter so much joy. She is planning to get together with her typical first grade buddies to ride bikes together. She goes out for rides with her sisters and is so happy to not have to only ride alongside side. She beams when we put her on! It has changed her life, given her a fun way to get in physical therapy while allowing her to connect with others.

Physically she has improved. She has huge difficulties with using her hands to hold onto anything. When she is on her bike we use a strap for her right hand but her left hand naturally holds on to the handle without prompting. Any functional use of her hands is a godsend! I didn't expect to see much OT progress, was focusing more on gross motor skills but have been so happy to see it!

We would truly like to thank all at Project Mobility for their dedication to raising enough money for all of the children nominated for bikes. We are forever grateful!

Oh and OF COURSE we would recommend Project Mobility to a friend!

~ Colleen – Emmy’s Mom