Crowdfunding is the latest trend in effective fundraising with its unique ability to tap into the powerful social networking world and quickly reach the masses. As the original Everybody Rides Bike Giveaway contest proved, tens of thousands can be reached in just a few days when people are actively sharing and promoting an opportunity for the benefit of a loved one or person in need. Because of this, the formation of crowdfunding platforms has been increasing exponentially and are raising billions of dollars!

pmbanner GIVE 5 Everybody Wins is utilizing this highly successful concept, but adding additional strategies not implemented by any of the current platforms which has the potential to drive participation and success even further. Unlike other crowdfunding websites who are there to provide fundraising to just about any cause, GIVE 5 is raising funds for one specific purpose needed by a large population of people with all the funds going to the nonprofit, Project Mobility. This allows the proven crowdfunding platform to evolve further into an incredible marketing opportunity for corporate sponsors and donors to be seen in what is widely recognized as one of the most viral communication vehicles that exists today. Where other crowdfunding sites don’t provide the opportunity for sponsorship of the individual fundraising pages, Project Mobility’s GIVE 5 CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN will provide the opportunity for Corporations, Organizations and Foundations to give to the cause while receiving unprecedented visibility by having their support featured prominently on the many individual fundraising pages.

GIVE 5 is more than a basic crowdfunding platform, but one where the fundraisers are able to have the amount they raise matched by charitable donors acquired by Project Mobility. This increases the motivation for participation as those who give to each fundraising campaign know that they are actually doubling the amount being received. This strategy also allows those who are fundraising to have the total amount they need to raise reduced by half, further encouraging them to reach their goal because of all the help they are receiving.


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