GIVE 5 Everybody Wins is a platform raising funds for adaptive bikes which provide life-changing mobility, strength, self esteem and ultimate freedom for children, adults, and veterans with disabilities.


Matching Donor Champions are the backbone of GIVE 5, as those who contribute to the crowdfunding campaigns will know that their money is worth double.


Communities who want to raise funds and provide bike(s) to members of their community can utilize the turn-key
Everybody Rides Bike Rally event.


To financially assist all participating disabled children, adults and veterans to receive their own custom fit adaptive bikes by educating about the life-changing benefits of adaptive bikes while utilizing the signature GIVE 5 Everybody Wins crowdfunding platform and community events.


An adaptive bike was being given away at Project Mobility's annual Everybody Rides fundraising event. Eight children were entered with their pictures and stories being shared on Facebook. The child with the most "likes" would be the winner of the bike. In less than 48 hours, the post with all the children's pictures reached more than 70,000 people and nine countries, with friends, family and countless others participating in the vote.

The volunteers of Project Mobility realized that if everyone who clicked to vote could give just five dollars, then every child could be a winner! With the intent to help all eight children win, GIVE 5 Everybody Wins was developed and is now a crowdfunding resource where anyone who needs an adaptive bike, children or adults, can receive the support needed to make their cycling dream come true!

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